Based on the model of the work done by the French Oscar's Angels association, OSCAR'S ANGELS Italia has brought to the Italian territory a cutting-edge Volunteer Program in Europe: 


Our Volunteers follow a specific training with an innovative approach to supporting families of seriously ill children and teenagers hospitalized in the neurosurgery, neurology, neuro-oncology and  Intensive Care Units of paediatric hospitals.




Our volunteers are always available, 24/24, 7/7, according to the needs of families and health personnel.


In the Departments


  • We help families manage the disruptions cause by the hospitalization of their child / teenager.
    We are the "link" between health professionals and parents. If they wish, we can help parents better understand the medical information they receive and be present at their side when diagnoses are communicated.

  • We support and accompany parents during child / adolescent surgeries

  • We financially help families to allow them to stay with the child / teenager during hospitalization: costs of accommodation, transport, meals

  • We contribute to improve the comfort and quality of life of families in the wards

In Pediatric Palliative Care

Our specially trained volunteers assist specialized teams and support families in the best possible way. Our goal is to give comfort, and empathic listening..

This role is considered highly innovative and is recognized by the hospital community for its human value.


Pediatric palliative care is specialized care aimed at children / adolescents suffering from incurable, potentially lethal and / or chronic progressive diseases and also to their family nucleus.


This specialized care implemented from the day of diagnosis, during the treatment phase and in the most severe cases until the end of life.


For more information you can read our special focus [here] or contact us directly.



Through participation in national and international congresses, OSCAR'S ANGELS Italia endeavors to share this experience and to raise awareness in the healthcare community on the families’ need to be supported on a daily basis by highly trained and dedicated volunteers who work in close collaboration with healthcare staff.


Our Goals


  • Promote the development of our "sspecialized Parents’ Support Program" in other pediatric hospitals.

  • Create a network of associations working in the same field to further define the needs of families and meet their expectations and share experiences.

OSCAR'S ANGELS Italia exists exclusively thanks to voluntary work and donations.

The support we offer to families and pediatric hospitals is