• Volunteers, highly qualified and competent, available daily to families and children / adolescents to offer a friendly presence, warm, caring, empathic listening and financial support during the entire period of hospitalization

  • Volunteers "on call" at night and on weekends available to medical teams to come and assist families in case of emergency

  • Volunteers specialized in pediatric palliative care for families of children or young people in palliative care available 24h / 24h and 7d / 7d

5X1000 of your income taxes IRPEF :

It is possible to allocate the 5 per thousand of IRPEF to OSCAR'S ANGELS Italy, as a voluntary association.


Based on the model of the work done by the French OSCAR'S ANGEL association, we have brought a program in Italy.

As volunteers we are an integral part of hospital life and form an important and special human bond between the families and the hospital staff


             MUSIC IS LIFE 

  • It's no secret that music helps you feel better.

  • It is proven that music has a direct effect on the moral but also physical state of people.

  • We have always offered the opportunity to children, teenagers but above all their parents to spend moments of joy in the hospital listening to some music.

  • Our NO SURRENDER Dream Team program was born from the desire to continue in this perspective and offer them a moment of leisure and of getting away from the disease:

  • We donate tickets for musical events and shows to the families of seriously ill children and teenagers

  • We promote the "use" of music in children's hospitals to support children, teenagers and their families during long hospital stays